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GCAT Group Inc. is your premiere source for Natural stone Architectural details made of limestone, Marble and Onyx for Interior and Exterior.Our collection of Natural stone fireplace mantels and kitchen hoods is one of the finest in North America and Europe.

GCAT Stone Team of experienced crafts men is the country’s leading artisan team. Our Collection of Pre-designed marble and onyx Medallions is one of the world largest collection by more than 900 installed projects.

Throughout history architectural elements such as marble and limestone fountains, fireplace mantels and mantelpieces,Kitchen hoods and range hoods,Exterior Details made in limestone or marble , Statues,Marble and limestone Door surrounds, Marble Flooring, Stairs and columns have been the essential components of luxurious villas, chateaux,mansions and homes around the word.

Today there is a resurgence of these refined “finishing touches” Be it a stone mantel, Marble floor designs or stone range hood, designers, architects, builders, are being asked by our clients to find ways to make their homes and businesses more personalized to better reflect their lifestyles and passions.

By the end of year 2012, our completed residential and commercial projects in Canada, United States, Europe, UAE and Russia have passed the outstanding number of 10250 projects including Exterior and Interior architectural details and floor designs.

Here is a Link to one of our clients website and a process of carving a custom made marble piece!